There really is a great potential in self driving vehicles, as they allow technology to take care of some of the stresses of daily life. 

But while most automakers envision autonomous cars allowing you to work, relax or even nap, BMW has a different idea.

They think you can get laid... as it drives.

The German automaker has put forth the rather odd proposition that self-driving tech can lead to having more sex in cars. Now, you're probably wondering where this idea came from, just take a look at the brand's latest advertisement for the Vision iNext concept.

The ad starts with a couple getting rather frisky before switching to a shot of the Vision iNext being tailed by a police car. It then switches back to the couple, which now has the flashing blue lights in the background. The couple then continues to enjoy themselves and can be seen from the rear as the Vision iNext continues to drives off. A message then rounds off the ad saying “New moments of joy”.

To a certain extent, BMW may not be wrong. The driver no longer needs to be focused on driving the car since it can drive itself to the destination. Instead, he/she can focus on doing other things to do inside an autonomous vehicle, be it work, sleep, play, or in this situation, their partner.

Now, making babies inside a moving car today is definitely questionable. But hey, if BMW thinks their tech is so good that you can get laid while on the move, well, we'll have to wait and see. 

At least you'll be able to avoid long lines at motels on Valentine's Day.