Besides the 3-Series plug-in hybrid prototype that was detailed earlier, BMW has also recently revealed the 5-Series GT eDrive prototype. The further development of hybrid electric models by BMW is aimed at maximizing the potential of powertrain electrification while still being able to perform the brand's signature performance.

The rear of the BMW 5-Series GT eDrive

Its appearance remains the same with currently-selling 5-Series GT cars but the rear spoiler was camouflaged, BMW did not elaborate why it was covered. It has a eDrive sticker placed on both sides of the car while the rear is fitted with a 'Hybrid Test Vehicle' label.

The German automaker did not specify what engine is the eDrive prototype using but the company estimated to get over 680 PS and a torque pull of 1,105 Nm. It was made possible with the powertrain consisting of an unspecified TwinPower Turbo engine and 3 electric motors that is powered by a 20kWh lithium-ion battery pack. The 3 electric motors can be found behind the transmission tunnel, below the rear seat of the rear axle and at the front where it is operated by the 8-speed automatic gearbox.

The side profile of the BMW 5-Series GT eDrive

With the battery fully charged, the car's electric mode gives the 5-Series eDrive a maximum range of 100 km with the engine acting as a generator or as a performance booster for the front axle. On normal mode, the rear mounted electric motor powers the rear axle but on hybrid mode, the electric motors and engine work in tandem, providing the car a maximum range of 595 km.