BMW wants to introduce electric for PH customers

There is no doubt that the future of automobiles is in electrified driving. Whether it's some variation of an internal combustion hybrid, a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle, or a battery-electric vehicle, driving with an electric motor is where the world is going.

In the Philippine setting, however, we're still clearly way behind. Carmakers are only now starting to introduce more and more hybrid vehicles; giving customers the option to sample electrified driving with reduced emissions and enhanced fuel economy.

For real electric driving, the battery electric vehicle (BEV) or full EV is the way to go. Some automakers and distributors are already starting to launch or indent order full EVs such as Nissan with the Leaf, Porsche with the Taycan, Hyundai with the Ioniq, so on and so forth.

BMW iX image

Now we can say another distributor is tossing their name in the EV hat: BMW Philippines.

BMW wants to launch iX electric SUV in PH market image

“Once we get more details, we will study the possibility of offering the BMW iX in our market,” said Spencer Yu, president of SMC Asia Car Distributors Corporation, otherwise known as BMW Philippines.

The BMW iX is a full EV in crossover/sport utility vehicle form that has similar dimensions to a BMW X5 but with an ultra-modern design. The vehicle has upwards of 370 kilowatts of power which equates to roughly 500 horsepower. BMW says the iX can sprint from 0 to 100 km/h in just 5 seconds, more or less. With the appropriate fast-charging system, the iX can achieve an 80% charge from 10% in just 40 minutes.

The vehicle itself is the very latest in the BMW line-up; the iX only had its world premiere two weeks ago, so it's surprising that BMW Philippines is already keen on the new model.

BMW iX image

"The BMW iX represents a huge step in fully-electric driving and makes BMW completely ready for what lies ahead. This model will go into production in the second half of 2021 at the BMW Plant Dingolfing,” continued Yu.

It's good that BMW Philippines is already exploring the possibility of offering the model here as a follow up an electric option to the 745Le; the plug-in hybrid version of the flagship 7-Series saloon. The only issue really is with regards to the availability of charging stations; though hopefully, that will change in 2021 as more automakers introduce EVs and more facilities like shopping malls, condominiums, and fuel stations.

BMW wants to launch iX electric SUV in PH market image

“We feel that we must also put the necessary infrastructure in place across the country for our customers to make the best out of this product,” said the BMW Philippines president.

Spencer wouldn't give an exact date, but our best guess is sometime in 2022 once more charging stations are put up. But perhaps the key advantage of BMW Philippines is the fact that they are a part of San Miguel Corporation... just like Petron.