It’s a sunny morning, and you’re raring to get your day’s work done. Imagine: you drive early into your office, you pull up into what you know is your car’s designated space only to be greeted by an illegal parker. The problem: it’s an airplane wheel, or an airplane engine that’s taking up (or hanging above) your parking slot.

This is exactly what must have happened to employees in the Renton factory of Boeing in Washington following the grounding and halted deliveries of a good number of 737 Max planes. In what is one of the oddest parking lot scenarios the Internet (and the world) has seen, citizens went to town to take photos and videos of the parking slot invaders.

Certain problems contributed to the said non-delivery of the Boeing 737 Max planes. Boeing was rather quick to downplay the situation, though. "We are using resources across the Boeing enterprise during the pause in 737 Max deliveries, including our facilities in Puget Sound, Boeing San Antonio, and at Moses Lake. This is part of our inventory-management plan", Boeing Paul Bergman was noted to tell reporters.

Boeing has a parking problem with their 737 MAX airplanes image

So, fellow Filipinos, if you think that a headstrong person or a mob of shopping-crazed mall-goers standing in a parking slot to reserve it is bad, at least you can still drive around and find another slot. In the case of Boeing’s employees, who knows how long they’ll have to wait and whose parking they’ll have to take just to make the Bundy clock on time.