Robert Bosch, Inc., a global partner in automotive innovations, together with Bosch accredited wholesaler Philtyres Corporation recently held a forum in Cagayan de Oro to extend Bosch’s comprehensive Bosch Battery line.

Dubbed Battery Night, the event provided an opportunity for the brand to strengthen and forge partnerships with key stakeholders to drive automotive power in the region.

While advanced automotive components and rising innovations require greater electrical demands, car manufacturers and motorists continue to seek a reliable solution to provide lasting power and surpass challenges on the road.

Bosch understands that a car’s power source is its most essential part, that's why the brand strives to provide lasting power to meet the electrical demands of advanced automotive components of car manufacturers and motorists.

“We believe that through these partnerships, Bosch can go beyond providing the ultimate driving experience and shape a more progressive automotive industry,” said Bosch Automotive Aftermarket Country Sales Manager Sangjo Park.