Change in the automotive industry remains as dynamic as ever. As a major automotive supplier, Bosch is one of the driving forces behind these changes, including electromobility. This was underlined by Dr. Bernd Bohr, chairman of the Bosch Automotive Group, at the recently-concluded 60th Automotive Press Briefing at Bosch's Boxberg proving ground. As Bohr explained to 330 journalists from 35 countries, the company is developing at a dynamic pace - economically as well as technically.

"Bosch is seizing long-term growth opportunities without neglecting short-term ones," said Bohr. In concrete terms, this means for example reducing fuel consumption in diesel and gasoline vehicles by at least another 30 percent. "We are implementing a wide variety of measures to make vehicle drive systems more efficient than ever before," Bohr concluded.

Whatever the efficiency improvements in diesel and gasoline vehicles, Bohr was confident that the future belongs to the electric drive. For the not-too-distant future, Bohr judged the outlook for plug-in hybrids to be good: a relatively small, cost-effective battery for urban trips that can be recharged from a power socket, combined with a gasoline or diesel engine for longer journeys. "Combinations of this sort," Bohr said, "require broad and well-networked systems expertise - one of Bosch's strengths in its core areas of powertrain and chassis technology."

Bosch is developing innovations specifically for the emerging economies of Asia and South America, where purchasing power and prices are considerably lower than in advanced economies. Experience gained in meeting the specific requirements of these markets can, according to Bohr, frequently be applied to global platforms, offering new scope for cost reductions. "The link between our engineers in advanced and emerging economies is no one-way street," Bohr said, "but instead a highway with ideas traveling in both directions." Bosch's success speaks for itself: Asia's share of Automotive Technology sales has more than quadrupled in just 12 years - from 6 to 26 percent - with sales in this region growing from 1.0 to 7.4 billion euros.