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Bosch has developed a mobile phone activated self-parking function for your car


System isn'€™t tied-up yet with any auto manufacturer but could be available by 2015

The shift towards autonomous driving has received a huge boost from Bosch.  They've recently demonstrated a self-parking system that may be activated and fully controlled from a smartphone.

Using 12 ultrasonic sensors all around the car, the system detects a suitable parking space and then with lightning-fast processing, calculates the best way to enter and maneuver.

The driver can opt to let the system park by itself or intervene via an app on a smartphone.


Currently, a similar technology called Park Assist is already available in Ford vehicles.  But this system still needs the driver to engage the throttle and the brake to complete the parking maneuver. Audi meanwhile showed a similar technology where the car is equipped with self parking with self payment technologies connected to a smartphone last year.

Bosch’s self-parking system is fully automated, ready for production and maybe the next big step in autonomous driving.

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