Bosch Car Service (BCS), the world's largest independent network of over 15,000 outlets, conducts free vehicle diagnostic and safety checks for motorists during the North Luzon leg of its largest car service clinic road show on August 27-29, 2010.

The Philippine summer capital, Baguio City, was at the center of all activities with two simultaneous event venues: First, Bosch associates provided free diagnostic and emission tests as well as service-related advice at The Drive in SM Baguio. Services are performed via Bosch Diagnostic Testers that analyze electronic-driven systems in vehicles. Second, accredited BCS outlet Lumie're Autotech provided discounted Bosch parts for the motoring public, in addition to free diagnostic services. Parallel activities also took place in nearby Pangasinan and Ilocos as well as Metro Manila. The BCS clinic is an ongoing awareness campaign to promote road and driver safety as well as regular preventive maintenance among local motorists.

"In view of variable petroleum prices, Bosch also endeavors to help Filipino motorists to reduce their fuel expenses through quality car parts and proper maintenance," says Joseph Hong, managing director of Robert Bosch Inc. Philippines. As the leading global supplier of automotive technology, the company has developed safety components like the Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), Traction Control and the Electronic Stability Program (ESP).

Likewise, Bosch developed various fuel-saving technologies that also reduce CO2 emissions, including commonrail diesel injectors of which over 33 million units were produced since its introduction in 1997. The company presently manufactures the third generation Piezo injectors that help diesel vehicles achieve 30% less consumption (versus gasoline), 25% less CO2 emissions and 50% more torque.

"Baguio has earned the distinct reputation for being one of the country's cleanest and greenest cities. We deemed it appropriate to advocate Bosch clean air initiatives here," notes Hong, citing the local government's commitment to preserving Baguio's natural heritage and sustaining it as an eco-cultural tourist and business destination.

Public service: free diagnostics and safety checks

In each car service clinic location, BCS staff performed regular periodic and preventive maintenance services, lube services that include oil change and tune-up, and vehicle safety inspection, which covers the car's suspension, steering, brakes, clutch and tires. Motorists also received discounts on Bosch car parts, including filters, horns, headlamp bulbs, relays and wipers.

Participating BCS outlets include Lumie're Autotech Corporation in G. Del Pilar corner Legarda Road in Baguio City; Dan's Car Audio and Accessories in Lucao District, Dagupan Pangasinan; Northeast Car Care Centre along National Highway, Cabalanggan, Bantay Ilocos Sur; and TopGear Auto Service Center in Rosario Drive, Cubao Quezon City.

Bosch-trained mechanics were on-site to perform OE-quality (i.e: casa-quality) services and a variety of electrical services including battery, starter and alternator testing as well as free diagnostic services to check various engine parameters.

Each location was equipped with Bosch Diagnostic Testers that link-up to a vehicle's Electronic Control Unit (ECU) and test electronic-driven systems, including engine, transmission, ABS, SRS Airbags, Traction Control and ESP. These testers are also capable of checking for errors, resetting, idling and running conditions, as well as actuator response.

Clean, economical and sustainable mobility

Highlighting the event were free emission tests performed by Bosch associates for interested motorists at the SM complex. Emission analyzers for checking gasoline and diesel emissions benchmark various results against the country's regulated Euro II standards.

As a pledge of support to the local auto services industry, Bosch entered into a technical partnership with TESDA in 2007, paving the way for the Hari ng Talyer program. Since then, over 5,500 skilled Filipino mechanics graduated from the program, which enhanced their service skills as well as their livelihood opportunities. Bosch also fosters the Clean Diesel Program, which engages local transport groups to achieve both fuel efficiency and emission reduction.