As far as vocational courses and mechanicals go, Don Bosco Technical College (DBTC) has made its its mission to train and produce reputable and knowledgeable individuals through the decades. You’d be surprised to find that some of your favorite tuning shops around town have alumni from this college – and they’d be proud to tell you they’re alumni too.

Such is their dedication to vocational arts that their goals align perfectly with the local automotive industry, heck we dare say its future could well depend on their students. And speaking of the future, Toyota took the opportunity to introduce Don Bosco’s students to their hybrid lineup by way of the Toyota Hybrid Campus Tour.

Don Bosco Technical College meets Toyota’s hybrid lineup image

A total of 465 students from different fields joined three batches of educational seminars, achieving the highest participation record to date for the Hybrid Campus Tour series since its inception in March 2019. Toyota’s technical experts also gave experiential lessons to the students and faculty through a whole day test drive activity inside the school grounds. Almost 50 students signed up to try out the Prius C and the All-New Corolla Altis hybrid variant. This apparently marks the first time the Corolla Hybrid would become available for public test drives, guess you could say the students from Don Bosco were lucky to get first dibs.

Don Bosco Technical College meets Toyota’s hybrid lineup image

Both students and faculty members from Mechanical Engineering, Architecture, Electronics & Communication Engineering, Computer Science, and Aviation Mechanical Technology were able to experience Toyota’s hybrid technology firsthand. Student-trainees from the Technical-Vocational courses were also given an opportunity to see the inner workings behind Toyota’s hybrid drive system and how that all translates to their hybrid system’s seamless output.

In a press statement, DBTC Director Engr. Winston Dereje expounds: “We educate for life—this is the mission of all Don Bosco Educational Centers. Through this partnership between Don Bosco and Toyota, our students were able to understand the science behind hybrid tech, and how it helps the environment by lowering our carbon footprint. It is truly a technology with a soul, and an inspiration for the young to be lifelong learners.”

Don Bosco Technical College meets Toyota’s hybrid lineup image

“Toyota’s initiative reflects the global shift to cleaner energy sources, and addresses the numerous crises we are experiencing now,” said TMP First Vice President Ms. Cristina Arevalo. “From energy conservation, transportation, and global warming, TMP wants to make sure that we are doing our part for a more sustainable future. We chose to start with university students because they are the shapers of tomorrow.”

Should Toyota continue their campus tour, perhaps more younger students would become more familiar with the benefits of hybrid propulsion.