BPI Family Auto Loans recently launched a new online feature called 60-Seconds Auto Loan Pre-Qualification. It allows users to check what car brands and models are available for their budget and determine what financing options that can match the individual's funds, all in just 60 seconds and at the convenience of their location. If help is needed, BPI Auto Loans personnel will be notified automatically that can assist individuals in selecting the best option for your car loan and also answer any related questions.

“BPI Family Auto Loan continues to provide the public new and exciting services that make car ownership easy and affordable. Amidst the numerous promos and campaigns of other car financing providers, BPI Family Savings Bank establishes its mark as the bank that supports, fosters, and provides ways on how you can get the best out of your money. This year, we take things further by providing clients a fast and easy way to know their best car financing option and allow them to answer their question, Kaya ko na bang magkakotse?” said Pepe Carlos, BPI Family Auto Loan Head.

Those interested in checking if their funds are enough to land them a new car can log on to bpiloans.com and take the 60-second pre-qualification test today.