BPI/MS Insurance Corp., a joint venture of the Bank of the Philippine Islands and Mitsui Sumitomo Company, has launched a new smartphone application called “My Safe Drive” which aims to promote safe driving in real-time through a smartphone.

My Safe Drive app provides a range of personal driving assistance functions such as collision warning and video recording. To provide drivers a safer trip, the app monitors the headway distance of the vehicle in front. This allows the driver to maintain a safe distance from the car up front. Subsequently, the app gives the driver real-time audio-visual alerts of a potential collision.

The app also gives lane departure warnings when the vehicle crosses the edge of the road, keeping the driver safe. My Safe Drive app also detects and displays speed limits while you're on the road. It alerts the driver if he/she has exceeded the speed limit.

In addition, the app allows you to take a snapshot of the headway scene in front of the car, similar to a dashcam. BPI/MS added that the My Safe Drive can also locate where the car is parked and identifies its current location. The app also comes with a navigation map.

The My Safe Drive app uses a smartphone's built-in camera, global positioning system (GPS) and 'smart' software to help the user drive safer.

BPI-MS My Safe Drive app

We were able to test BPI/MS's app through a media drive from Bonifacio Global City in Taguig to Nuvali in Santa Rosa, Laguna. Throughout the drive, My Safe Drive app did deliver the goods as it monitored the distance of the vehicle up front. It flashed a 'Warning' sign when our vehicle was 10 meters away from the car upfront. However, the app still has room for improvement because it can't detect motorcycles while you're on the road. Moreover, the app seems to have a delay in measuring the distance whenever a vehicle cuts in front of you. Despite these minor bugs, My Safe Drive is an effective tool to give everyone a safer and smarter drive.

BPI-MS Executives: Hideki Matsuo, Taisuke Nagai and Perpetua Cutiongco

In the future, BPI/MS said that they are looking into integrating traffic updates – similar to Waze – to the My Safe Drive app.

My Safe Drive is now available for download in both the Apple and Android app store.