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Brabham Automotive's upcoming BT26 packs a powerful V8 punch


Brabham Automotive release teaser photo, details of upcoming super car

Earlier this year, Brabham Automotive announced that they will be returing to the field of manufacturing. At the time, they did not mention whether they will be producing an open-wheel racer or a road-going vehicle. Now however, the British-marque has released a teaser photo of their upcoming project. Called BT26, the road-going supercar will be the brand's first ever vehicle produced in 26 years.

For now we only get to see a rear shot of the BT26, showing off it's large rear wing illuminated by T-shaped LED taillights. A closer look does suggest that the supercar will have a a large rear diffuser to improve aerodynamics. Based on the lone teaser photo however, we can expect the BT26 to have a wild and aggressive styling. Furthermore, the company claims it will produce 'over 1,200kg of downforce'.

Being that Brabham Automotive has Formula 1 heritage, the BT26 will also be track oriented. The company says it will only weigh 972 kg and is powered by a 5.4-liter V8. Though exact power figures were not disclosed, they mentioned that the upcoming supercar will have a power-to-weight ratio of 730ps per ton. To help stop the vehicle, it will use carbon-carbon brakes similar to that of Formula One cars, and sport six-piston calipers.


Apart from the lone teaser photo and some technical info, Brabham revealed that only 70 units of the BT26 will be built. Each will come with a hefty price tag of one million pounds.

The Brabham Automotive BT26 will be revealed on May 2. Expect full details regarding the car then.

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