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Brabus takes the 800 sedan, coupe to Geneva with over 1500 PS combined


Brabus pushes the envelope in luxury and power in S-Class based 800

As is standard fare with renowned Mercedes tuner Brabus, they’ve recently gotten their hands on the new S63 to turn into one of their high-powered specimens of German muscle. This time at Geneva, they’re bringing back the executive sedan along with its coupe counterpart – both of which are sporting more power than before.

Closing at 800PS a piece, we’re looking at nearly 1600 PS between the two examples of the Brabus 800 at the Geneva Motor Show this week. These numbers come from a heavily modified version of the 4.0L twin-turbo V8 nestled inside the standard S63 AMG.


Upgraded turbochargers allow the pair of Merc rockets to send 1,100 Nm of torque to the rear wheels, and all these numbers are enough to take both body styles from 0-100 km/h in about 3.1 seconds. Top speed is currently limited to 300 km/h, but Brabus is supposedly hard at work to make the necessary changes to make higher speeds safer for the S-Class duo.

Likely these changes will be made to its aero kit, which is currently but a few carbon fiber trim pieces here and there. 22-inch wheels along with a lowering spring kit help give the Brabus 800 a clean profile under the wells.

The Brabus 800 duo showcases just how much you can customize the interiors on their vehicles. The sedan builds upon the exterior’s dark theme with a matching interior while the coupe sports Italian cuoio leather all around. To match these interior skin options, trim pieces like aluminum panels, wood, carbon fiber, and a host of other materials can be matched to your interior of choice.

The Brabus 800’s power configuration may also be had with an E-Class body – that version will supposedly be set to debut at a later date.

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