Be prepared to pay higher toll fees starting March 20, 2019 on the North Luzon Expressway (NLEX). Recently, the Toll Regulatory Board announced in a statement that they will be increasing toll fees on the major expressway.

Class 1 vehicles will now have to shell out Php 55 (+Php 10) in the open system which covers the Balintawak, Mindanao Avenue, Karuhatan, Caloocan, Meycuayan, and Marilao interchanges / toll plazas. From end-to-end, however, Class 1 vehicles will need to pay Php 258 (+Php 22) based on the new toll fee matrix.

Over to Class 2, buses and small trucks will have to pay Php 137 (+Php 23) on the open system and Php 646 (+56) when traveling from end-to-end accordingly. As for Class 3 vehicles which covers large trailer trucks, they will have to pay up Php 165 (+Php 29) when entering via the open toll plazas, and Php 775 (+Php 67) for end-to-end.

The increase in toll fees comes after the opening of the newly-constructed NLEX Harbor Link Segment 10. The toll fee on the new elevated expressway has yet to be revealed. However, based on our previous report, Segment 10 will initially be included in the flat rate open system that motorists pay to enter NLEX from Balintawak and other entry points.