Brake pads are often one of the most underestimated vehicle parts, as they are normally purchased at a shop, installed quickly, driven and forgotten. But when it comes to aftermarket pads, they present a bit of a challenge because they require a lot of bedding-in time and higher operating temperatures.

Enter Bendix's brake pads. For sometime they have garnered a silent but increasingly large following in the aftermarket arena due to their strong stopping power. But this time, the company has two new products that are sure to reduce fade and shorten stopping distance - the Titanium Stripe-lined range of brake pads.

This unique line of brake pads is lined with titanium, which has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any metal and highly resists corrosion. When applied unto brake pads, the bedding-in process - which requires the owner to make several hard stops from 70-120 km/h in order to make the pads adapt to themselves is eliminated. Also, the use of the pads over time leaves a special coating over the brake rotor, extending rotor life, reducing rotor warping and adding to rotor cooling.

The Titanium Stripe-lined range comes in two trims - the General CT and Metal King Titanium (MKT) brake pads. General CT is recommended for general purpose driving conditions, such as city driving. Since the material on the pads closely matches the OE (original equipment) specs, delivering similar performance attributes and pedal feel. On the other hand, the MKT pads are suggested for heavy duty driving, such as constant highway driving, courier service and work truck loads. This is because it has higher friction ratings than most OE products and can maintain its performance at higher temperatures, 400 degrees Celsius and above. "Crucial here is the selection of the right formula by the brake fitter, as he needs to question the customer on their driving style to understand their braking requirements and select the right pads for their vehicle/s," said Wilson Chua, president of All-Inclusive Sales, Inc. (AIS, Inc., official distributor of Bendix products in the country).

For those who doubt the effectiveness of Bendix Pads, AIS Inc. claims that the pads are OE equipment in General Motors (GM), Isuzu, Toyota, Ford and Honda vehicles worldwide, and are compatible with aftermarket brake systems such as Alcon and Brembo. Also, in recent tests held at the Bridgestone proving grounds in Japan, Bendix pads were proven to stop a Honda Jazz 1.5L VTEC (from 100 kph) 60 to 80 feet shorter than OE pads and 40 to 50 feet shorter than their biggest OE/aftermarket supplier competition.

With the Titanium Stripe range of brake pads, four wheelers all over the country can brake like Bendix.