With a host of seats available in various shapes and sizes, Bride Co., Ltd. (Bride) will likely have the right seat for you and your vehicle. Considering that Bride has a wide range of seats that can be fitted onto almost any vehicle, these infinite amount of combinations pose an odd problem for the average consumer: ‘Which seats will fit onto my car?’

Having understood that each part of a vehicle should be tailor-fit for specific applications, Bride took this concern and set out to create their own database that identifies seat compatibility against a specific vehicle. Instead of having to check with your friendly neighborhood retailer and wasting time with queries and guesswork, Bride now offers a quick search function on their webpage that will give you possible seat options for your vehicle.

When visiting Bride’s website http://bride-jp.com/en/, click on the search tab and go through the following steps:

Bride Seat Matching

  1. Check for your vehicle’s Make, Model, and Chassis number (if applicable)
  2. Select the type of seat you want for your application (only compatible seats will be displayed)
  3. Choose any color options and fabric material
  4. Select seat railings (only compatible seat railings will be displayed)
  5. Check for any miscellaneous options available for your seat

Following these steps, all corresponding part numbers and the total cost (in JPY) of your setup will be displayed on the right side of the screen. Using this tool, Bride allows retailers as well as end users to configure their own specifications. With a streamlined approach to ordering seats, Bride has now removed the guesswork from purchasing their seats to ensure that your vehicle receives the proper seats.

For inquiries and indent orders of Bride seat models, get in touch with Riken Motor Sales at (02) 244-0011, (02) 244-7712, and (02) 244-7715 to 16 or visit them at 1022 G. Masangkay St., Binondo, Manila.