TomTom Telematics, a subsidiary of one of the world's largest navigation companies, TomTom, has been bought by Bridgestone for fleet and mobility solutions. You may be wondering then why a tire company would purchase a telematics company.

For a whopping 910 million Euros, Bridgestone says it's all about making fleets move faster.

Paolo Ferrari, CEO and president of Bridgestone EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Asia) said, “We have found our perfect match in TomTom Telematics. Our complementary assets and capabilities will create a fleet solutions powerhouse and will further strengthen Bridgestone’s digital technology arm. We are now well-positioned in EMEA to accelerate our data-driven business, expand our fleet customer base and seize fast-growing, profitable opportunities in the automotive mobility industry.”

In essence, Bridgestone acquired TomTom Telematics in order to shift goods in a quicker , more efficient, and perhaps vitally, more cost effective manner. With a fleet size of approximately 860,000 vehicles, TomTom's tech can help the tire company handle over 800 million GPS positions, 3.3 million trips, and 200 million inbound messages per day. If a product gets to its destination quicker, production, in turn, will also be faster.

Prior to the purchase, Bridgestone has also been busy making software for digital solutions and applications. These include Tirematics, Mobox, FleetPulse and Bridgestone Connect. Furthermore, the data access from TomTom Telematics, along with its existing software, aims to help Bridgestone’s virtual tire development and testing, along with connected tire innovation. Bridgestone says that with the addition of more tech in the tire industry, it will benefit customers and even car manufacturers alike.