Bridgestone Philippines conducted a Fuel Eco Run last August 8 to demonstrate the capabilities of its new tire called the Ecopia. The run was done in partnership with A1 Driving School and monitored by the Automobile Association Philippines.

The aim of the run is to determine how much a driver can save on fuel and minimize impact on the environment with the use of the new tires. By using the Bridgestone Ecopia tires, it is possible to travel 3.15 km/l more compared to the conventional tire. To validate that information, three Toyota Corollas with 1.6 liter engines were used in the run. Each car was fitted with a different set of tires: the Bridgestone Ecopia EP200, Bridgestone Turanza AR10 (the brand’s conventional tire), and a competing brand’s conventional tire.

All cars were fueled up to their 55-liter tank capacity. After filling up, they were driven through 127 kilometers from NLEX to SCTEX at maintained speeds of 80 km/h at 2000 rpm with the air conditioner set to low fan and coldest thermostat setting.

At the end of the run, the Corolla that used the Ecopia recorded 20.29 km/l. Compared to the other tires, it is up by 0.42 km/l from the Turanza, and 3.15 km/l more than the competing brand’s conventional tire.

Will you be interested to try the Bridgestone Ecopia for better fuel economy and reduced carbon footprint?

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