Philippine Allied Enterprises Corporation (PAEC), the exclusive Philippine distributors of Bridgestone, in its efforts to reduce the impact of motoring on the eco-system and to further protect the environment launched its Ecopia tires locally.

Ecopia is a fusion of ECOLOGY & UTOPIA, to represent Bridgestone’s Eco Activity, worldwide. The product promises eco-friendly performance by allowing reduced rolling resistance, which in turn enhances fuel efficiency. Ecopia also reduces the production of harmful carbon dioxide emissions that contribute to global warming.

“Now you can enjoy superior  performance and superior levels of safety without compromising on the environment,” announced Marc Tagle, EVP-GM of PAEC.

The eco-technology that goes into Ecopia is also used in other green tires such as Potenza S001, RE001 and 2nd generation GR 90 tires. In tire design and development, we’ve defined our three core elements as safety, comfort, and being environmentally friendly.


“Bridgestone has been continuously aligning all its efforts toward minimizing the impact of motoring on the environment and promoting more sustainable solutions in the industry, in all aspects - production, services, and operations. More than these, the brand also helps promote the importance of nature and puts a significant amount of time and effort into projects that help preserve and recover nature. We, as the exclusive distributors, share and affirm this commitment,” Tagle stated.

Prior to the launch, PAEC started the day by bringing together friends from the motoring industry and media through a morning of competitive yet friendly Eco-Adventure Race within the La Mesa Eco Park. The activities included the launch of the company's tree planting project and the sponsoring for the care and maintenance of 1 hectare of the La Mesa Watershed.