Philippine Allied Enterprises Corporation (PAEC), the country's distributor of Bridgestone tires launched two of its latest tire models at the Ballroom of the New World Hotel in Makati last Saturday, September 3.

PAEC President and Chairman Teodoro Y. Tagle, Vice-president Mariano Y. Tagle and General Manager Marc Tagle unveiled the Bridgestone Turanza ER-60 and the Bridgestone Sport Tourer MY-01 to the special guests during the launch that included key Bridgestone tire dealers, motoring and media personalities.

PAEC described the Bridgestone Turanza ER-60 as a wide and strong street tire that offers impressive styling with high performance features. The ER-60 boasts of wide thread design and large tread blocks that exude a wide and strong appearance which add aesthetic appeal to the tire and improves the looks of the car. This design feature is not only for looks alone but offers improved durability, increased mileage and safety while enhancing the car's handling capabilities.

The Bridgestone Turanza ER-60 is a capable street tire that provides excellent performance in basic operations such as traveling, turning and stopping. It offers superior handling and braking performance on wet roads, providing an increased margin of safety while driving during rainy days. Wet braking tests conducted at the Bridgestone Proving Ground in Thailand shows that the braking distance from 80 kilometers per hour of a Honda Accord equipped with Turanza ER-60 205/65-R15 94V tires is shorter by 1.5 meters compared to a similar car equipped with tires of competing tire brand.

Bridgestone's unique "AQ DONUTS" with GUTT II, O-Bead II, L.L. Carbon and AQ compounds, Flat Force Block tire technology and Dual-Layer treads is incorporated into the Turanza ER-60 and equips it with a quieter and more pleasant ride, making the drive through the town or out on the highway more comfortable.

On the other hand, the Bridgestone Sport Tourer MY-01 is a high-performance and sporty tire aimed at the younger car enthusiast who prefers "Inch Up" tire modifications. According to Bridgestone Tire Center General Manager Steven Tagle, "Inch Up" plus fitment mounts a lower aspect ratio tire and larger diameter rim to provide stylish appearance and crispier handling response. An example of this "Inch Up" fitment is a change from the factory 14-inch wheels shod with 195/70-R14 tires to larger 17-inch alloy wheels wrapped with 225/45-R17 tires. The larger tire offers a bigger contact patch with the road while the lower aspect ratio provides improved cornering and handling capabilities.

The Bridgestone Sport Tourer MY-01 features a smooth, thick center rib to improve traction on dry surfaces but also features a unidirectional tread pattern for improved handling on wet roads. It also has an F1 Nose at the edge of the thread blocks to improve water channeling on wet surfaces and a Silent AC block to reduce road noise. Thus, the MY-01 is a stylish and sporty low-profile street tire that can effectively handle wet and dry road conditions.

The Turanza ER-60 and the Sport Tourer MY-01 is now available at the Bridgestone Tire Center at The Fort Global City and at Bridgestone dealers and selected tire dealers nationwide.