Anyone want to take their supercars overlanding?

The words “all-terrain” and “supercar” normally do not go together until the Lamborghini Huracan Sterrato came along. Since the unique supercar was designed to have off-road capabilities, it was going to need the right japorms to perform.

Bridgestone is now making all-terrain tires for supercars image

Bridgestone and Lamborghini have collaborated to develop the Dueler All-Terrain AT002 – the world's first-ever all-terrain tire designed for supercars. Specifically designed for the high-performance requirements of the Huracan Sterrato, the AT002 provides drivers with sure-footed traction and adaptability for any conditions and surfaces both on and off-road.

The custom-engineered all-terrain tire also features Run-Flat technology which allows drivers to continue driving safely even after getting a puncture. Bridgestone says the AT002 can travel up to 80 kilometers even while doing up to 80 km/h at 0 bar tire pressure, allowing owners to make it back to base without a hitch.

Bridgestone is now making all-terrain tires for supercars image

“With the Dueler AT002, Bridgestone has created a bespoke tire that perfectly complements the high-speed all-terrain concept of the Lamborghini Huracán Sterrato. We’ve created a tire that is just as capable at high speeds on asphalt as it is when driving off-road, providing high-speed stability and off-road capability, rising to meet a completely different set of challenges on mud, gravel, and demanding terrains” said Steven de Bock, Vice President Consumer Replacement and OE at Bridgestone EMIA.

For now, Bridgestone is only making two tire dimensions for the Dueler All-terrain AT002 that's following the Huracan Sterrato's standard sizes – 235/40ZR19 in front and 285/40ZR19 at the rear.