In 2017, it was found that the cases of breast cancer were rising in Filipino women, with the disease potentially affecting one in 13 women—the highest percentage in Asia. There are many factors that increase one’s risk of getting the disease like the high fat diet, obesity, sedentary lifestyle, alcohol consumption, and a family history of cancer.

To help spread awareness of breast cancer, Bridgestone Philippines is bringing back its limited-edition pink tire valve caps for the month of October. Proceeds from the sale will then be usd to raise funds for breast cancer research with the ICanServe Foundation, a non-stock, non-profit organization that advocates early breast cancer detection through self-examination.

Bridgestone PH reissues pink valve caps for breast cancer awareness

Through the years, Bridgestone Philippines has continuously partnered with the ICanServe Foundation, which continues to educate people about breast cancer and empowers women afflicted with the disease. To support the foundations campaigns, the tire company has released pink-colored tire valve caps, with 100-percent of the sales going to the foundation’s breast cancer research and awareness initiatives.

Those who want to support a cause may buy a set of four tire valve caps through three channels: selected dealers nationwide, the pop-up store of the ICanServe Foundation in Rockwell, and through an online form. It costs Php 100 for a set of four. The caps will be available through those avenues until the end of December 2018.

Those interested in Bridgestone's pink tire valve caps may order online through the link here: