Back in 2016 , Bridgestone Philippines embarked on a different kind of journey. Last October, they has joined hands with the I Can Serve Foundation in the Philippines to address the need for a wider awareness on breast cancer. According to the Philippine Society of Medical Oncology, breast cancer is the leading cause of death among women in the country, accounting for twenty eight percent (28%) of total cancer cases among women.

With their ongoing advocacy, Bridgestone Philippines is continuing their cause for breast cancer awareness. In October of last year, Bridgestone released its limited edition pink tire valve caps to mark the launch of the “Together We Save Lives’ campaign. For only P100 a set, everyone could lend a hand by purchasing these limited edition valve caps.

All proceeds, which totalled to PhP478,240.00 were turned over to the I Can Serve Foundation Inc. to further support its information advocacy on breast cancer. This year, Bridgestone Philippines and I Can Serve Foundation, is looking forward to a deeper and more meaningful involvement in this advocacy. Expect to see the tire company to ramp up their efforts in breast cancer awareness.