Bridgestone expands its ultra-high performance Potenza line with the new S007A flagship performance tire at its 144-hectare European proving ground in Aprilia, Italy.

Having gone through three years of design and development at its Japanese technical center and tested in its global proving grounds, the new S007A is being marketed as aftermarket fitment for high-performance vehicles from Aston Martin, Audi Sport, BMW M, Lexus F-Sport, Mercedes-AMG, and Porsche.

Developed alongside the S007 original equipment tire which is found in the Aston Martin DB11, and Ferrari California T; the S007A enters the market as a strong successor to the Potenza S001 and RE050A models.

Bridgestone Potenza S007A launched for Asia Pacific markets

The new Potenza S007A promises better responsiveness, increased stability for daily street driving conditions as well as high-speed driving, better grip and cornering, improved braking, and better wear life compared to its predecessors. 

"We at Philippine Allied Enterprises Coporation (PAEC), exclusive Philippine distributor of Bridgestone Tires are delighted to be introducing this new flagship Potenza S007A tire to the Philippine market soon. We are looking forward to giving demanding customers new levels of driving excitement by giving better high-speed cornering stability and braking performance. The S007A will be targeted for high-performance vehicles," said Mr. Marc Tagle, president and CEO of PAEC.

Bridgestone Potenza S007A launched for Asia Pacific markets

Bridgestone engineers have carefully worked on features such as three-dimensional 'M' shaped sipes to stiffen and reinforce tread blocks, wide ribs with optimized crown shape to ensure uniform contact patch and pressure with the road to maximize tire wear life.

An optimized structure featuring rounded tread blocks allow for higher contact pressure and enhanced grip levels during braking, particularly in wet driving conditions. This is very helpful in markets like the Philippines, which experience long rainy seasons. The blocks have also be chamfered to aid in preventing deformation of the tire under load, by providing a flatter contact area. 

For even more stability and responsiveness, the central rib has been stiffened. Low-angled sipes on the tread face meanwhile, offer even better control while cornering.

Bridgestone also boasts of a new proprietary Nano Pro-Tech compound which is composed of a specialized polymer for abrasion resistance, high-molecular polymer and special agent for grip improvement.

The Kevlar flipper on the sidewall combined with the 'hybrid spiral' construction made from steel and fiber increases durability, rigidity and high-speed stability.

Bridgestone Potenza S007A launched for Asia Pacific markets

The new Bridgestone Potenza S007A comes with 80 specifications with sizes ranging from 16 to 21 inch diameters, aspect ratios of 25 to 55, and tire widths from 205mm to 295mm. Availability of which will depend on the specific market. It is expected to be available in the Philippines towards the end of Q3, 2018.