Even as Europe uses the most advance diesel standard at Euro 6 – the country’s baseline is currently at the gov’t-mandated Euro 4. However, Britain is getting ready to crackdown on vehicles that cause air pollution, especially diesel-powered units.

Up to 35 towns and cities across England are participating in a government measure that may either ban or levy a charge on automobiles using a diesel engine and commercial vehicles that enter cities and polluted areas across Britain, or implement a combination of the two.

The fee may reach up to 20 pounds (US$ 25/per or Php 1,255). An estimated 10 million diesel vehicles may be affected by the proposed measure.

Another 25 towns across the country are also looking at banning or charging commercial trucks, buses and taxis. Environment Secretary Andrea Leadsom is reportedly set to reveal the new measures that will identify a network of clean air zones.

It will also require local government units to craft their own plans to deal with air pollution. Enforcement will be done using a network of cameras.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan is expected to announce a new resolution that will charge the city’s most polluting vehicles 12.50 pounds (US$ 15.70 or Php 788) starting 2019 once they enter any part of greater London inside the North Circular and South Circular roads.