Bugatti has something big in store for 2020. Just a few days after the new year, the French hypercar build released shadowy a teaser photo on their social media previewing their upcoming model. There are no details about the new Bugatti just yet, but they did caption the photo with “2020. Year of the Bugatti _____”.

The question then is this: Will this upcoming model be another version of the Chiron or will it be something totally new? At the moment, the French marque has been tight lipped, but we’re guessing it’s likely the former. If you remember, Bugatti has released a number of special edition models based on the Chiron over the past few years. The most recent ones are the EB110-inspired Centodieci and the one-off La Voiture Noire.

Apart from a new special edition model, one other possibility is that it could be an open-top version of the Chiron. Back in the day, Bugatti offered an open-top version of the Veyron called the Gran Sport. Since the Chiron is already four years old, it is possible that a new open-top model would be on its way.

Going over the teaser photo, there’s not a lot to see especially since the car is under a cover and everything is shadowy. Its wide body and low roofline do suggest it uses the same framework as the Chiron.

There’s no date yet as to when the mystery model will make its debut. It is possible that the new Bugatti will be officially revealed at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show.