Following several months of teasing images of panels and key exterior bits, Bugatti is now giving us a different impression of the upcoming Divo hypercar. In this short 16-second clip, we only see a twisty road presented in first person with no car in sight. It appears this was intentional, as Bugatti only wants us to hear the Divo.

From what we can tell, previous teasers of the Divo hint towards the upcoming hypercar to be a ‘corner focused’ machine – especially evident with their #Builttocorner hashtag for previous teasers. In fact, Bugatti president Stephan Winkelmann was once quoted saying “Happiness is not around the corner. It is the corner. The Divo is made for corners.” It can’t get any more obvious as that.


Bugatti leaves an audible teaser for the upcoming Divo

With these details in mind, we can expect the Divo to be much lighter than the Chiron (which stands at 1995kg). Considering its potential weight, the question of whether or not it will be using the Chiron’s 8.0L 1480 PS W16 Quad Turbo powerplant remains to be answered.

Bugatti leaves an audible teaser for the upcoming Divo

While the Divo is currently shrouded in much mystery, at least we now have a final date for its reveal: August 24th. The Divo will make its debut at The Quail this year, and with it only being a few days away, the wait won’t be too long till we get to see the car in its full glory.