A customer from the Middle East just purchased the 400th Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse and since the production run is limited to 450 variants, only 50 more models are left.

 Dr. Wolfgang Schreiber, President of Bugatti Automobiles S.A.S said, “A unique success story about the most exclusive and luxurious super sports car brand in the world.  With the Veyron, Bugatti has established itself as the most exclusive and most luxurious super sports car brand in the world. The Veyron is a unique success story and sets a high standard for the future of Bugatti.”

 With 400 Veyrons sold worldwide, Bugatti is on the ‘final lap’. Since launching it in 2005, Bugatti has sold all coupés that were limited to 300 – the Veyron 16.4 with 1,001 PS and the Veyron 16.4 Super Sport with 1,200 PS – and 100 of the planned 150 roadsters: the Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport with 1,001 PS and the Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse with 1,200 PS have now been sold, leaving just 50 models left to buy.

The recently sold 400th Veyron is the third and final Vitesse 'Jean-Pierre Wimille' in the exclusive six-part edition 'Les Légendes de Bugatti'. The series was launched in August. 

This was followed by the Legend car, 'Jean Bugatti', and the third Legend Edition is dedicated to Meo Costantin. As with all Bugatti Legend cars, the production run is limited to only three vehicles. The Legend Edition 'Jean-Pierre Wimille' is priced at €2.13 million, excluding taxes and transport.

The Legend cars are based on the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse. The 1,200 PS super car is powered by an eight liter, 16 valve engine and accelerates from 0 - 100 km/h in just 2.6 seconds and from 0 - 200 km/h in only 7.1 seconds. Even its brakes are powerful: The Vitesse needs just 5.8 seconds to go from 200 km/h to a complete stop. The super sports car achieves an impressive 1,500 Nm torque between 3,000 and 5,000 rpm. Since April this year the Grand Sport Vitesse can claim to be the fastest roadster in the world with a record of 408.84 km/h driven with the roof off. This makes Bugatti the holder of two world speed records, the other being the Veyron 16.4 Super Sport’s record, set in 2010, for the fastest production car when it reached 431.072 km/h.

Bugatti, owned by the Volkswagen Group since 1998, was founded more than 100 years ago in the Alsatian town of Molsheim.

Currently the Veyron, without sacrificing luxury and comfort, is still the most powerful and fastest production car in the world.

Bugatti is a global player with 30 dealerships and service partners in 18 countries. The brand is represented major markets of the world including Europe, North and South America and the Middle East as well as Japan, Singapore and China.