Since 1994, Volvo in the Philippines has continued its dedication and passion in delivering premium quality cars, enjoyable driving dynamics and an unmatched ownership experience to its very discerning customers.

Experience the difference

For 81 years of global automotive excellence and 14 years of premium quality service in the Philippines, Volvo has always valued the reason for their existence the Volvo customer.

"We are thankful to all the Volvo patrons that have remained with us through the years and we continue to give them the same promise that of a very satisfying and fulfilling Volvo ownership that everyone in their family can enjoy," quips Atty. Alberto B. Arcilla, President and Chief Executive Officer of Viking Cars, Incorporated, the authorized dealer and distributor of Volvo cars in the Philippines. "We have always strived to make their Volvo ownership an enjoyable experience and with the dedication of our team at both our showrooms and customer service centers here in Manila and in Cebu, we assure our clients that they will continue to have a premium experience with us."

Volvo cars offer a first-class experience that everyone can enjoy. Volvo has always been recognized for durability, but premium quality goes beyond that and concerns everything they do. Volvo's credibility as a safety leader is directly connected to their level of quality. However, their commitment goes far beyond crash tests and ratings. It is a genuine care for people, their lives and wellbeing that keep Volvo to add to the list of life-saving innovations and share them to the world. The invention that has saved most lives ever, the three-point safety belt, they believed was so important to the world that Volvo let the patent free. That's why today, you find a little bit of Volvo in every car.

Scandinavian style that stands out

Safety might be the first that that pops into everybody's mind when they hear 'Volvo', but Volvo goes further still by applying the same dedication to all elements in their cars. This means that Volvo has a distinctive, clean design language that stands out from the crowd.

Volvo is Scandinavian design on wheels: simple and minimalist. The design is also very human, bearing the hallmark of a man and not a machine. Although Volvo's design ethos has remained, its execution has evolved in recent years. Though form still follows function, Volvos of today are now remarked upon as much for their highly distinctive design and good looks as they are for their traditional dependability, safety and robustness.

As described by Volvo's Design Director Steve Mattin, Volvo uses a new DNA or Dynamic New Approach in creating cars. "We want to design more dynamic looking cars, "says Mattin. "Bold cars that look like they're moving even when standing still. The new cars will better reflect that our cars are not only safe and comfortable they're also great to drive."

Life is better lived together

Volvo has the unique opportunity to position itself as the only premium brand for people who value their relationships with others. Volvo stewards are "We" people, each one connected to the brand and its products. Everyone at Volvo understands about caring for the lives of drivers and passengers, has a strong focus on safety and care for the environment and has an overall humancentric approach to creating connections with current and prospective Volvo buyers.

While other premium brands have been traditionally a symbol of being "rich", Volvo recognizes the growing global desire of being "enriched". Simply put, people are willing to place a premium on a life well lived. They are more interested in engaging with the world around them than they are in separating themselves from it. Volvo's unique position is built on a truth that success is measured in experiences, not possessions. That life is richest when spent with people we care for. From drivers who can enjoy the exhilarating drive and ride of a Volvo, to passengers who can relax in premium comfort, and even extending to pedestrians who are protected by Volvo's advanced safety technologies every Volvo vehicle is designed to protect and celebrate life.

The Volvo Range

Over time, Volvo's products have evolved to a wider range of cars that cater to different people with different lifestyles. Volvo will never be all things to all people, so there is a specific Volvo created for a specific set of people.

The V-Range speaks for versatility, family and leisure. Through the years, Volvo has consistently delivered practical, versatile, and robust family cars that include the innovative V50 Sportswagon and All-New Volvo V70. The XC-Range that includes the All-New Volvo XC70 and XC90 is a range of modern, adventurous cars with iconic body styles. The S-Range is a stylish and elegant interpretation of the classic sedan. This range includes the Volvo S40, S60 and S80 premium sedans. The C-Range includes coupes and convertibles the kind of cars you fall in love with. C is all about desire, excitement and desire. This indulgent and rewarding range includes the All-New Volvo C70 and the C30 Sports Coupé. And coming very soon to Philippine shores is the world's first car that can stop itself the Volvo XC60.

As Volvo rolls on to more years ahead, the Volvo philosophies at the heart of all operations will assure a future of many more miles of safe and enjoyable driving.