Solar Transport and Automotive Resources Corp. (STAR Corp.), the authorized Philippine distributor of BYD Auto China Ltd. Co., has just launched the 'Green Agenda'; a program aimed at promoting low emissions and offering high mileage alternative fuel mobility solutions to mitigate climate change.

BYD, or Build Your Dreams, is the latest Chinese car brand to arrive in the Philippines, though the company also provides green energy technologies utilized in the IT and new energy industries on top of their green automotive innovations. BYD says their automobiles are gaining recognition all over the globe because of build quality and world-class technologies.

The BYD e6

The automaker's pure electric vehicle, the BYD e6, made its Philippine debut last May 27, 2014 during the Meralco Annual Stockholders meeting. The e6 is powered by BYD's proprietary Iron Phospate (Fe) battery; a fire-safe, fully recyclable and that also has an incredibly long-cycle. Moreover, BYD calls the battery a “green heart” that pumps power throughout the environmentally-friendly vehicle.

BYD also said that the e6 has the potential of providing clean, green and safe mobility options for the Filipino people.

The BYD e6

“Green technology, particularly electric vehicles, is the way of the future. And BYD will continue to pursue the green dream,” said Mark Tieng, Managing Director of STAR Corp.

“What we do today plays a great role in environmental protection. Do you know that replacing one taxi with an e6 is equivalent to decreasing the fuel consumption and toxic emissions of 10 private cars? Just imagine the impact on our environment… and our future. If there is a legacy that we can leave, let it be a sustainable future for the coming generations,” Tieng added.

The electric vehicle BYD e6

Tieng also expressed his appreciation for Meralco’s support in its plan to build a chargin stations for electric vehicles.

“This is why we welcome the initiatives of Meralco in providing end-to-end energy solutions such as its plan to build a charging station for eVehicles, which is a first step in creating tomorrow’s sustainable cities that will be cleaner and greener,” Tiend said.

“We also laud the foresight of Senate and Congress for creating Senate Bill 2856, also known as the Alternative Fuel Vehicles Incentives Bill, and House Bill 387, otherwise known as the Electric, Hybrid and other Alternative Fuel Vehicles Incentives Act of 2013,which will pave the way for the entry of eVehicles on our roads,” Tieng concluded.