BYD delivers Philippines largest pure EV corporate fleet

BYD recently delivered the largest local pure electric fleet of passenger vehicles to Manila Electric Company (Meralco). The first 11 delivered electric vehicles included the T3 and the e2 models, and it is expected that BYD will finish delivering a total of 18 units in 2022. This was the first time that Meralco, the nation’s largest electric power utility, purchased battery-electric passenger vehicles for corporate use. In fact, it was the very first public invitation for the bid to purchase pure electric models for the Philippines.

The automotive industry is pushing the Philippine government to launch the Comprehensive Roadmap on Electric Vehicles (CREV) that aims to require establishments with 20 or more designated parking slots to dedicate 5% of their space for the use of EVs and provide charging points.  This could be the possible jolt that the country needs to jump-start mass adoption of EVs.

“Through this program, we express our full support for the Philippines’ transition to electric transportation. As we look forward to the government’s enactment of the EV Bill—which will provide incentives to both EV suppliers and users—we welcome a greener, cleaner, and safer environment in our streets and thoroughfares,” said Ray C Espinosa, Meralco president and CEO.

BYD tapped as Meralco partner for pure EV fleet image

“As the first NEV maker which has successfully entered the Philippines, BYD is very pleased to establish a partnership with Meralco,” said Benjamin Zhao, the General Manager of BYD Philippines Corp. “As a pioneer in the NEV industry, BYD has developed green business in four industries including automobiles, electronics, new energy, and rail transit. The electrification of transportation in the Philippines as a major car production hub in Southeast Asia is exciting. We hope for more opportunities to make sustainability a reality in daily life.”

To support the charging requirements of its EVs, Meralco is also installing 5 charging stations in strategically located company facilities across its franchise area. Through its subsidiary eSakay, Inc., Meralco also offers end-to-end EVs and charging infrastructure solutions to institutional customers and to the riding public.

“Beyond delivering accessible and reliable electricity service to households and businesses, we, in Meralco, are also at the forefront of providing sustainable solutions to our customers. With our important and intensified shift to vehicle electrification, we hope to influence and inspire others to follow suit and to likewise embed sustainability in their operations,” said Raymond B. Ravelo, Meralco Chief Sustainability Officer and eSakay president and CEO.

“I’m so proud to be part of this Green Mobility program and honored to enable companies and individuals that lead by example towards sustainable mobility ultimately preserving our environment. I’m excited to take part in serving our community more, with every conventional vehicle’s switch to electric expected to benefit everyone, and not only the ones who bought them,” said Mark Andrew Tieng, Managing Director of BYD Philippine distributor Solar Transport & Automotive Resources Corporation.

BYD entered the local passenger vehicle market in 2013. After nearly a decade of consistent efforts, it now holds the leading position in the local market for new-energy passenger cars with a share exceeding 80%.