The Marilaque (Marikina-Rizal-Laguna-Quezon) Highway, also known as the Marikina-Infanta highway, or to some car clubs, the 'Tanayburgring,' may no longer be the 'playground' it once was. The long stretch of winding road, notorious for its various motor vehicle accidents, will now be policed by the newly formed, Task Force Marilaque.

The task force was the product of a petition from the Trail Club Association of the Philippines (TCAP) to the Philippine National Police (PNP), and barangay officials of the area. The road safety campaign, launched earlier this week, has put up warning signs along the route, indicating the speed limit: 50 km/h. There will also be deployed officers and roving patrols to enforce the speed limit with handheld radar guns. Finally, key corners that have gained notoriety for accidents will have visible police presence to ensure motorists keep to their lanes.

Bye bye Tanayburgring; Task Force Marilaque now on patrol

Initially deployed to put a stop to street racing and dangerous driving by two-wheeled vehicles, the intensified campaign also hopes to instill discipline in all motorists (whether two-wheels or four) passing the area, ensuring they are driving below the speed limit, are not overloaded, and are duly registered.

The Marilaque Highway has become a popular route and destination of late, due to the road’s challenging curves, scenic vistas, cooler climate, and wide variety of restaurants and resorts. The road is frequently traversed by motorcycles of small and large displacements, car clubs, performance cars, off-road vehicles, and downhill skateboarders.

However, the challenging nature of the curves and lack of road discipline enforcement have only encouraged reckless driving, resulting in accidents from illegal races, miscalculations, and overloading, leading to collisions, injuries, destruction of property, and in some cases death.

Bye bye Tanayburgring; Task Force Marilaque now on patrol

The municipality of Tanay has reported that in 2017, some 199 accidents have occurred but only 7 were in the blotter. So far in 2018, 107 accidents have occurred, but only 7 are in the blotter.

In the longer term, the task force also hopes to have more street lights installed, have more outposts, as well as have more medical teams on standby.

The Trail Club Association of the Philippines is composed of various 4x4 clubs from around the country, such as the 4X4 Adventure Team Ph, FJ Cruiser Owners Philippines, Mustang 4x4 Club, Supercars 4x4 Offroaders, TRT Team Royale trails, Land Rover Club of the Philippines, Jeep Club Philippines, Montero-Strada Trail Team - MSTT, Team Giba PH, FJ Cruiser Cebu Jeep Owners Club - Cebu, FJ Cruiser Davao, and Davao Eagles Offroaders.