60 km/h speed limit now implemented along C-5 South Link expressway

When the CAVITEX-C-5 South Link opened in 2019, the toll road made it easier for motorists to get from Taguig to Pasay and vice versa. No longer did they have to take the west and east service road. As a result, traffic was freed up in the area. While the stretch of the C-5 South Link may be short (just 2.2 kilometers long), motorists should still observe the implemented speed limit.

CAVITEX 60kmh image

But here's where it gets interesting. There are no posted or implemented speed limits along C-5 South Link for the longest time. It's not even included in the Toll Regulatory Board's (TRB) list of expressways and speed limits. Well, it seems that changes today.

CAVITEX 60kmh image

CAVITEX has announced that the C-5 South Link Flyover will now be implementing a speed limit. According to the management, the speed limit along the toll road will be 60 km/h, similar to NAIAX and the newly opened Skyway Stage 3. They're quite strict about it too. From the photos provided by CAVITEX, there were already some apprehended for driving over the speed limit.

Some netizens and motorists have criticized the speed limit for being too low, saying C-5 South Link is a toll road. But do remember it is only a 2.2-kilometer section, no point in going too fast either way. Perhaps the management can raise the speed limit to at least 80 km/h for the 7.7-kilometer stretch of road once the entire expressway is finally complete. Then again, the entire stretch of NAIAX is just 60 km/h, so this short expressway might stick to the current limit.