Residents of Antipolo and Taytay, Rizal, if your morning commute took a bit longer than reason, here's the reason why. One of the main roads leading in and out of the city are blocked following a major accident.

Cabrera Road in Antipolo, Rizal temporarily unpassable image

According to the Taytay Public Information Office, Cabrera Road near Club Serene going Antipolo is impassable following an accident. An Antipolo Police Mobile crashed into one what looks like a wooden telephone post on the road early in the morning. Due to the severity of the crash, the wooden pole fell onto the road, blocking all lanes. From the photos posted by the Taytay PIO, there are also numerous telephone lines scattered on the ground.

As of writing, the Municipality of Taytay is now in coordination with the telephone company and Municipal Engineering for road clearing. Given the scale of the accident, it might take a while before the roads are cleared. That said, we advise motorists to find an alternate route to avoid the traffic in the area.

Cabrera Road in Antipolo, Rizal temporarily unpassable image

One thing about the accident is the location of the telephone post. It looks like it was left in the middle of the lane even after the road widening project. Without proper lighting, it would be nearly impossible to see at night. Simply put, it was an accident waiting to happen. That said, the vehicle isn't without question too. Technically, it's already on the opposite lane. Speed likely played a factor given the gravity of the crash.

Whatever the case, the telephone post should be moved away from the road once it is re-constructed. Subsequently, this should be a wake-up call for LGUs to remove telephone and electrical posts from the middle of the streets.