Mayor of Cainta meets up with the DPWH to solve flood problems

Last weekend, parts of the country were submerged in floodwaters once again due to the heavy rains brought about by the southwest monsoon.

Among the heavily affected were those living in Cainta, Rizal; particularly ones residing in villages along Marcos Highway, Imelda Avenue (aka Felix Avenue), and even Ortigas Avenue Extension. But what actually caused the floodwaters to quickly rise in the aforementioned areas?

According to Cainta Mayor Johnielle Keith 'Kit' Nieto, it was due to the elevated portions along Marcos Highway and the expansion of the existing box culvert. While its purpose is to 'catch' water from elevated areas, it also resulted in more floodwater collecting in Cainta. Geographically speaking, the town of Cainta itself is a catchbasin – meaning water will naturally pool and flood the area during heavy rainfall.

To address the issue, Mayor Nieto met with the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) to discuss possible solutions to lessen future flooding in the area.

One of his requests to the DPWH was to build a pumping station in strategic areas to direct the water towards the floodway. He also requested the DPWH to build huge drainage along Imelda Avenue to lessen the amount of water that passes through both the Munting Dilaw and Balanti Creeks.

Cainta Mayor pushing solutions for flood problem image

“My point was to lessen yung volume ng papasok na tubig sa makitid na Munting Dilaw Creek para di naman mag overflow at bumaha sa atin,” said Nieto.

[My point was to lessen the volume of incoming water in Munting Dilaw Creek so that it would not overflow and flood us.]

Nieto said the DPWH granted his requests for a pumping station and drainage project along Imelda Avenue. But for these projects to become a reality, the Mayor says he has to meet with Congressman Jack Duavit, who represents the 1st district of Rizal, and ask for help to make it a part of the DPWH's budget.

With the rainy season still in full swing, Nieto's solutions could solve the problems Cainta faces every time there's a heavy downpour in the area. We're hoping that the projects will immediately get the green light to proceed.