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Calbayog City first to strictly implement Road-Right-of-Way


Calbayog City reclaims Road-Right-of-Way of National Roads

Ever driven to the countryside and see a wide beautiful 4-lane road that only offers 2 lanes because the outer lanes are either parked with old vehicles, farming equipment or worse, littered with dried produce?

That may all change pretty soon as Calbayog City in Eastern Samar is spearheading the implementation of Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) Department Order No. 73, series of 2014 which also known as “Prohibited Uses within the Road-Right-of-Way of National Roads.”

The DPWH-Samar First District Engineering Office in Calbayog City has identified some 6,867 structures within the 10-meter limit from the centerline after inspection of possible encroachment of the National Road in Calbayog City.


Stalls, fences, houses, stores, walls, and boxes are found to have been constructed within the Road-Right-of-Way obstructing the use of the roads shoulders intended for pedestrians and motorists.

Some of the structures seem to have been permanently installed and will take some time to be removed.

A memorandum has been issued by Undersecretary Raul C. Asis to begin the removal of all obstructions whether immediate or gradual in terms of permanent structures.

“With the road shoulders or sidewalks full of illegal encroachments, pedestrians have no option but to walk on road pavements. We have to recover the road right of way for the safety of the public,” DPWH Secretary Rogelio Singson said in a statement.

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