Corvette owners will soon be able to have their C7 converted into a Shooting Brake after design company Callaway Cars Inc. recently revealed the Aerowagen Package.

Only available for Corvette coupe models from Callaway or Chevrolet, the Aerowagen Package consist of a one-piece carbon fiber roof that uses the original components for the rear hatch. It preserves the original function of the rear door which allows drivers to store cargo at the back.

The use of the original parts also meant that owners can also revert back to the original coupe look should they want to. Moreover, optional body paint color will also be available to match trim options.

The interior design of the Corvette Aerowagen will remain the same though Callaway expects it will have a slightly bigger cargo capacity and better drag coefficient. The targa top has also been retained due to the use of OEM seals, hinge and latch mechanisms.

Exact technical specifications of the Callaway Corvette Aerowagen will be released soon, on the other hand.

The conversion kit for the C7 Corvette will be available by Q4 of 2016 and orders are already open.