Babies often cry when they move around to an unfamiliar environment. It is quite a discomfort to the people around and the very parents themselves. According to Honda, they wanted to find a solution to the problem as a company that supports mobility .

And based on a new research conducted by Honda, they have derived that sweet engine music may have a calming effect on crying babies.

Through a research done under the supervision Prof. Keiichiro Kira, president of the Sound Healing Association, it was discovered that Honda’s car engine sounds had a similar calming effect as of the sounds inside a mother’s womb.

Although the sounds heard in the uterus contain many low frequencies such as mother's blood flow and heart sounds, the engine sound of Honda's car also included low frequencies of 250 Hz or less .

Experiments to see how babies (male and female, aged 6 to 18 months) reacted to the engine sounds were done where 11 out of 12 babies stopped crying after having listened to the sound for about 2 minutes.

Honda Sound Sitter

The result is called the Honda Sound Sitter, made by installing speakers inside a plush red colored car stuffed toy which works in conjunction with a mobile phone app.

Honda Sound Sitter

The automaker is inviting parents of infants to experience their Honda Sound Sitter at the Honda Welcome Plaza in Aoyama from December 18 to 24 from 10 am until 6 pm.

You could also try to play back the sound on your smartphone through this link.