Chevron Philippines Inc. (CPI), which markets the Caltex brand in the country, has launched the Techron Concentrate Plus (TCP) fuel system cleaner at Raffles Hotel in Makati City.

According to CPI, the TCP is powered by a patented polyetheramine formula that is tested and proven to clean vehicle engines running on gasoline. In detail, the TCP cleans your car's fuel system such as the carburators, fuel injectors, intake valves and combustion chamber.

CPI also said that the TCP cleans engine deposits, protects the entire fuel system and restores lost power and performance in a used or old vehicle.

Caltex Asia Pacific Marketing Manager Lennard Kwek

CPI Asia Pacific Marketing Manager Lennard Kwek said that the company's Techron technology can deep-clean your engine.

“Your vehicle engine is prone to accumulating dirt and carbon deposits over time with out care. Caltex's Techron technology is the perfect detox for your car engine,” said Kwek.

To use, pour the entire bottle of TCP into a nearly empty fuel tank and refuel with up to 45 liters of gasoline. CPI explained that it is recommended to use TCP for every 5,000 km. It is now available nationwide with a standard retail price of PhP 450.