Over time, diesel engines usually experience power loss, increased fuel consumption and increased emissions. Though there may be numerous reasons for this such as usual wear and tear, one of the causes is often deposit build up in the fuel injection system. Often these deposits are found on the injector tips and reduce the flow of fuel.

To attend to this need, Caltex recently introduced the all-new Techron D Concentrate. Launched by Chevron Philippines Inc. (CPI), marketer of Caltex brand of fuels and lubricants, Techron D Concentrate is a premium diesel fuel additive that 'deep cleans in one tankful'. Specifically, it cleans the diesel injector from dirt and deposits that reduce the injector's effectiveness.

“With Techron D Concentrate, our customers will enjoy its benefits and precision clean technolgy feature to having superior clean engines. Our retailers will be able to provide an innovated solution to help their diesel engine-based customers. Now, motorists can expect more with having superior clean engines,” said Hafiz Nasar, Area Business Manager of Finished Lubricants.

Caltex Philippines launches Techron D diesel fuel additive

With Techron Precision Clean Technology, the additive is capable of restoring engine power and bring back responsiveness. It will also help maximize fuel economy as well as remove carbon deposits in the fuel system. In addition to cleaning injectors, the concentrate is said to help improve cold starting and reduce white smoke upon start up.

For those wondering, the new fuel additive can be used on both old and newer common-rail diesel engines and will not harm or block the fuel filter and lines. It can be used with all types of diesel fuel as well including ultra-low sulfur diesel, bio diesel and other bio diesel blends. To use, one 16oz. bottle of Techron D Concentrate can treat up to 80 liters of diesel fuel every 5,000 km.

Currently, the promo price for a 16oz bottle of Techron D Concentrate, which runs until March 31, is at Php 355. It is now available in Caltex service stations nationwide as well as Lazada. For gasoline engines, owners can purchase Techron Concentrate Plus.