Several Caltex service stations help monitor rain and floods in the Metro as they participated in a project called Metro Weather. Caltex aims to help people by hosting Automated Weather Stations (AWS) in 18 Caltex stations throughout Metro Manila.

The AWS, located in flood-prone areas identified by the MMDA, collects and stores weather data that show, among others, intensity of rainfall that can indicate flooding.

The Automated Weather Stations accumulate weather data from 30 sites spread throughout Metro Manila and is accessible freely at Metro Weather or Weather Link. Weather data is also shared on MMDA’s traffic monitoring app.

Metro Weather

“The 18 Caltex-hosted AWS units, all maintained by the Caltex stations,  are part of Chevron’s commitment to public safety and environmental awareness,” said Raissa Bautista, manager of Policy, Gov’t and Public Affairs, Chevron Philippines Inc., the marketer of  high quality Caltex brand of fuels and lubricants. 

This project is being implemented in collaboration with the other Metro Weather project partners namely the Manila Observatory, Globe Telecom, MMDA, and the Ateneo de Manila University (AdMU).