2015 was another great year in the automotive industry as the Chamber of Automotive Manufacturers’ of the Philippines Inc. (CAMPI) and Truck Manufacturers’ Association (TMA) reports that sales grew by 22.9-percent surpassing the 272,000-unit target.

In a joint report by CAMPI and TMA, total sales by their members reached 288,609 units, which is a marked improvement from the 234,747 units sold in 2014.

December auto sales also picked up by 25-percent year-on-year to 26,679 units from 21,320.

For 2015, sales of commercial vehicles grew to 172,228 units. That’s an improvement of 19-percent from 144,460 unit in 2014.

But it was passenger cars that brought in the big sales numbers in car segments as it breached the 100,000-unit mark. Improving by 29-percent, sales reached 116,381 unit this year from only 90,287 units in 2014.

Even light commercial vehicles were positively affected by the up-trend, picking up an increase of 20-percent to 112,545 units from 93,589 last years.

Sales of Asian utility vehicles reached 50,977 units from 44,196, an increase of 15-percent while truck sales also rose by at least 12-percent.

Toyota continues to lead the way taking in 43-percent of the total sales; Mitsubishi owns 19-percent; Ford has 9-percent; Isuzu has 8-percent; and Honda closes it out with 7-percent share of the total sales.

Sales quota for 2015 is set at 320,000 units.

“The year 2015 is yet another milestone year. The industry was able to maintain the growth momentum of previous years. We again surpassed our annual target of 272,000 units for CAMPI,” said CAMPI President Atty. Rommel Gutierrez.

On the other hand, the Association of Vehicle Distributors and Importers (AVID) has not yet disclosed its sales numbers for 2015.