The automotive industry expresses its profound concern and empathy to all who suffered from the devastation brought about by typhoon Ondoy. In these trying times, the auto industry is doing its best and will extend whatever assistance we can give within our means to those whose vehicles were damaged by floods. We are stepping up our efforts to expedite the repair and restoration of their vehicles even though we continue to experience a deluge of vehicles in need of immediate service.


In case the vehicle cannot be brought immediately to an authorized service shop (due to limited number of available tow trucks, dealerships overwhelmed with the sheer volume of vehicles brought to them, and limitation in the holding areas), the following steps should be taken to minimize further damage to the vehicle:

1. DO NOT attempt to start the engine.
2. Disconnect the battery from the terminals.
3. Check the engine oil level through the dipstick to determine presence of water in the engine (a higher than normal oil level might mean water presence in the engine).
4. For insurance claim purposes, take pictures of the vehicle before cleaning it.
5. Clean the interior and exterior of the vehicle (to include removing as much water as possible from the interior).

After these initial steps, contact the nearest authorized dealership or thru the companies' hotlines to check if the vehicle can be accommodated for service and repair and if possible make arrangement for towing services.

Vehicle owners are advised to deal with your brand's authorized dealership only to avoid fake or counterfeit replacement parts which will further damage your vehicle. We advise the use of genuine replacement parts only.


1. Provide discounts or lower prices for affected parts and service/labor.
2. Extend working hours of dealerships, which may include weekends, to accommodate vehicles for repair and service.
3. Rush the orders and delivery of the needed replacement parts.
4. Make available the dealerships/service shops in other areas outside Metro Manila to assist in easing the backlogs of vehicles in the event that it cannot be accommodated by Metro Manila dealerships.
5.Devise systems to ensure order in attending to the needs of the customers including the proper scheduling of towing services.


Asian Carmakers Corp. (BMW) - (632) 634-2697 / (0917) 816-2697 / (0920) 908-2697
Columbian Autocar Corp. (Kia) - (0922) 824-9830 / (0922) 824-9831
General Motors (GM, Chevrolet) - (0922) 812-1790
Honda Cars Philippines, Inc. - Outside Metro Manila: 1-800-1000-HONDA(46632) Metro Manila: 857-7240
Hyundai Asia Resources, Inc. - (0929) 194-2562 / (0917) 753-7765 / (02) 814-0489/ (02) 814-0498
Isuzu Philippines Corp. - 757-2340
Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corp. - 658-0719 / 658-0087
Nissan Motor Philippines, Inc. - (02) 680-05500 / (049) 541-2201 loc. 270/254
PGA Cars, Inc. (Audi, Porsche) - 726-9667
Suzuki Philippines, Inc. - 671-9722
Scandinavian Motors Corp. (Volvo) - (0922) 859-3223 / (0922) 859-3215 / 757-1619
Toyota Motor Philippines Corp. 819-2912
Universal Motors Corp. (Nissan) - (0918) 8 NISSAN / (0918) 864-7726