A few days ago, Senate Bill No. 201 gained momentum during Senate Committee meetings following support from civil and government representatives. It is known as the Proof-of-Parking Act, which was filed by Senator Win Gatchalian back in 2016.

The bill has been described as, 'An Act regulating the sale of motor vehicles in Metro Manila by requiring a proof-of-parking space or facility from motor vehicle buyers as a prerequisite for the purchase of a motor vehicle and registration with the Land Transportation Office'.

In essence, any person who wants to purchase a vehicle, with a residence or a business in Metro Manila, must present a notarized document to the LTO to be able to register the vehicle. Each vehicle in the household or business must have proof-of-parking. The author of the Act believes that SBN 201 can and will help curb traffic in the Metro.

Atty Rommel Gutierrez

However, Chamber of Automotive Manufacturers of the Philippines president, Atty. Rommel Gutierrez, believes that the Act needs better study. Should the Bill be enforced, the solution proposed by the government may lead to new problems, said Gutierrez. Despite the fact that the document needs to be notarized, it opens another avenue of potential corruption, among other things.

Another potential problem Atty. Gutierrez spotted was implementation. Should the Bill be passed, it is set to cover the entire Metro Manila but states that what could be effective in one place could cause more issues in others.