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CAMPI Report: YTD vehicle sales down 3.5%


Monthly sales up, year-to-date sales down

In the latest sales report from the Chamber of Automotive Manufacturers of the Philippines, Inc., year to date sales are down 3.5% compared to the same period last year.

From January to September 2010, CAMPI vehicle sales reached a total of 109,517 units. From January to September 2011, vehicle sales are lower at 105,663.

On a positive note, September 2011 marked an increase compared to August 2011, as a total of 12,555 units were sold as opposed to August's 11,558. Passenger car sales grew by 4.2% with sales of 4,195 units while commercial vehicles contributed an 11% growth with 8,360 units. In the commercial vehicle segment, the highest growth was registered by Light Commercial Vehicles at 26.7%.

A combination of factors boosted the monthly sales performance in the various segments such as improvement in supply of some models, fleet deliveries and introduction of new models.

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