What's the first image that pops in your head when we put the words Mitsubishi and Evolution together? If it's a Lancer taking on big jumps and driving through dirt, you're not alone. After all, it's one of the reasons why Mitsubishi became a formidable challenger in the World Rally Championship.

But it's been years since Mitsubishi made an Evolution. The last one rolled out in 2016 as the Final Edition, and it seemed it was the end of sporty Mitsubishis. Now, it looks like it's coming back, but not how we know it.

Next-gen Mitsubishi Evolution might not please the purists image

Reports from Japan are saying that the Evolution will make a return. Even better news, it might come out sometime this year. However, purists might get alarmed at the next bit of info: The future Mitsubishi Evolution could be a crossover.

A few years ago, Mitsubishi said that they are refocusing their efforts towards crossovers. While we were expecting that from their more “regular” cars, it's a bit of a shock if we're talking about the rally icon. Various sources are saying that the future Evo might be the production version of the e-Evolution concept shown at the 2018 Philippine International Motor Show.

Next-gen Mitsubishi Evolution might not please the purists image

If reports are true, we're sure it will ruffle feathers, especially for the Evo loyalists and fanatics. But let's not raise our pitchforks at the moment and try to imagine the road-going version. As mentioned, it could be based on the e-Evolution concept so the result might be a slightly watered-down design. We're not expecting the glass roof, the exaggerated fender flares, the suicide doors, and the massive wheels. However, we could see elements of that bold front end, and coupe-like shape in the final product.

As for the subject of the engine, there is a large question mark looming above its hood. Some say the next Evo will be a pure electric vehicle. Others say it will still use a compact turbocharged engine but with a hybrid assist.

The question now is this: Is the world ready for a Mitsubishi Evo crossover with electric power?

Source: Spyder7