The current generation Honda Odyssey has been around for a long time now. Having been released as early as 2015 and albeit getting a mild facelift about three years ago, it’s already dated, no doubt.

The good news is that Honda Japan has given word that the 2021 Odyssey will be released this fall (that starts around the 2nd week of September for us in the tropics). What we see here is the Odyssey Absolute – likely the top of the line model- and alongside a full-frontal makeover, Honda JP has also given a sneak peek at a small but no less funky and futuristic feature.

At the front, we can see that the Odyssey will seemingly take on more of the black chrome scheme for the re-designed (and gaping) grill. Keeping up with their current design language, the minivan’s front is highlighted by a lot of angular pieces, a flowing headlight assembly design, and what could most likely be LED lighting for both head- and fog lights.

Odyssey image

While we don’t have access to photos of the Odyssey’s full side profile, let’s talk more about the “funky and futuristic” feature we mentioned earlier. Based on the image above, what we see is a light-up guide for hands-free opening of the sliding door. While it still has the traditional opener, being able to open doors without the need to touch anything has always been a convenient feature. Now, if they put in a foot sensor for the tailgate, that’d be a nice touch, too. Here’s to hoping.

Odyssey image

Not much information is available for the interior, but the dashboard is likewise getting a little bit of an update. Starting with the gauge cluster, gone is the old single, center-dial design. What we see here is more reminiscent of the current-gen Accord; the steering wheel seems to have been lifted off of Honda’s executive sedan as well.

For this new model, the tri-level design of the dashboard is made more evident. The top-most loses the air-conditioning vents, but a welcome sight is the use of a familiar brand to Honda enthusiasts: Gathers. If the Odyssey will indeed make us of this for the infotainment system, then that’s a good nod to a long-time provider for Honda’s in-car entertainment.

The vents have been moved to the 2nd tier of the dash, where everything from the A/C buttons to their layout seems to remain unchanged. The 3rd level that works its way down the center stack and console will still have the deep recess, pull out tray, and cup holders, it seems. Gone, too, is the shiny accent piece that is replaced by what looks to be soft-touch materials bordered by piano-black accents, plus wood trim that looks similar to the pieces found on the CR-V.

We still have a few more weeks before the Fall Season actually starts, so until that time, what we've seen are already more-than-welcome updates. If Honda inevitably takes its entire design language to the rest of its lineup, then there might be a good chance that we could get an all-new model. Everything’s speculation until the launch, of course; but hey, it’s been a long enough wait, right? We can always wish.