Whether you like it or not, electric cars are here to stay. Nowadays, you can get them in all sorts of body styles too, from hatch, to sedan, and even crossover. So here's another EV crossover to add to that list: the Chevrolet Menlo.

The Menlo is actually based on the Buick Velite 6, a wagon/crossover also with EV power. While the latter has been around for quite some time already, the Menlo is Chevrolet's first pure electric crossover in the world. Not even the US can get their hands on it since it's a China-only special, at least for now.

Can the Chevrolet Menlo spark interest in the EV crowd? image

So what does the Menlo have to offer? For starters, Chevrolet claims that it can do up to 410 kilometers on a single full charge, which is actually more that some internal combustion-powered cars out there. It uses a 52.5 kWh battery to power its motor, which is good for 110 kw (148 PS) and 350 Nm of torque, similar figures to some small turbodiesel engines.

As for the car itself, it looks like a blend of wagon and crossover. The long, low roof makes it appear like a station wagon, while the lower cladding and fender flares add a bit of 'SUV' appeal to the EV. There is a fair amount of ground clearance, but it doesn't appear too high off the ground. Think of it that as something similar to a Subaru Outback, albeit with batteries instead of an engine.

Can the Chevrolet Menlo spark interest in the EV crowd? image

Can the Menlo EV actually spark enough interest for it to be sold outside of China? Given that China is slowly opening its doors for export markets, there is a slim possibility. For instance, we're starting to see more China-sourced cars cropping up on our shores, and the same goes for some parts of Europe, and even the US.

Besides, having electric power wrapped in a practical crossover body should sound appealing to the green crowd, right?