Hyundai goes all-out on crossovers

As good as sedans are, crossovers and SUVs are the cash cows of manufacturers these days. It's essentially the modern-day family car as more people prefer a higher driving position and little extra ground clearance. So it's no surprise many automakers are cashing in on this craze.

One of them is Hyundai, and they're going all-in by launching several crossovers for 2021. We're not talking about two or three new models here. The South Korean automaker is ready to launch a dozen by next year. So, what's coming soon?

Can you guess Hyundai

By 2021, Hyundai is rolling out the all-new Tucson, facelifted Santa Fe, and updated Kona in international markets. Not only that, but they are also launching their first-ever pick-up, the Santa Cruz. While it's not a crossover per se, it's a car-based hauler just like the Honda Ridgeline, albeit one size segment smaller.

So far, that's four models, so what are the other eight crossovers? One of them will use the Ioniq platform, and it will include hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and fully electric versions. That's seven accounted for and five to go. The other models will be N-Performance versions of their crossovers, but Hyundai isn't saying which ones will get that treatment.

Can you guess Hyundai

The Kona seems like a potential candidate for that. There are rumors that it will get a 2.0-liter turbo engine under the hood and an all-wheel-drive system to keep it glued to the road. Another model that could get a high-performance derivative is the Tucson. Recently, Hyundai previewed the all-new N-Line version for it. With that, a full N-Performance could be under consideration. While we're at it, we like the idea of a Santa Cruz N to give the Ranger Raptor or Hilux TRD V6 a good scare.

But what are your guesses? Could it be more hybrids or performance models? Or could they add an all-new model they have yet to mention? Nonetheless, 2021 will be a busy year for Hyundai.