Lexus records milestone of selling 5 millions SUV units worldwide

Despite being one of the biggest brands in the luxury auto industry, Lexus is still a relatively newcomer compared to other brands. Toyota’s luxury division was launched in 1989, and their first model was the flagship LS 400. It wasn’t until 1996 did Lexus officially offer an SUV in the form of the LX. Since then, the marque has constantly added new SUV models in its lineup from big to small. 

Fast forward to 2020 and Lexus is now celebrating a milestone with its SUV lineup. Since the LX debuted 24 years ago, the luxury marque has sold more than 5 million SUV units globally. Specifically, Lexus reported 5,033,351 units sold as of June 30, 2020, comprised of the UX, NX, RX, GX, and LX. Out of the five models, care to guess the what the best-selling Lexus SUV?

Want to guess the best-selling Lexus SUV of all time? image

Unfortunately, it’s not the LX even though it is their very first SUV. Instead, Lexus’ best-selling SUV is the RX which debuted two years after the LX in 1998. Since its launch, Lexus has sold 3,136,223 units of the RX  accounting for more than half of their SUV/crossover sales. This figure also includes the three-row RX L which was launched in 2017.

Meanwhile, the NX is in second with 853,035 units sold. Not a bad figure considering the NX only debuted in 2014. The LX only comes in third having sold 487,229 units since its launch. Closely behind is the GX with 445,965. No doubt the least number of units sold is the UX launched only in 2018 with 110,899 units sold.

Want to guess the best-selling Lexus SUV of all time? image

With more consumers looking to buy SUVs and crossovers instead of sedans, we won’t be surprised if Lexus hits the 10 million SUV milestone in just a few years.